Monday, June 1, 2009

General climate change info

This is the section with articles about general climate change info. Among these articles you can find definitions of climate change and global warming, info about climate deal, and many other articles that offer interesting perspective on climate change problem. So here are the links to general climate change info articles.

What is climate change?

How will climate change affect organisms on Earth?

Is climate change issue still on top of the world political agenda?

International climate deal can be reached?

Climate change to make 2010 the warmest year on record?

Which country is most vulnerable to climate change?

How important is climate change issue to United States?

Carbon capture and storage - Answer for global warming problem?

Is climate change origin of all ecological problems?

If we stop emitting climate will soon return to normal?

How long will global warming last?

New global warming laws needed, but when?

Can poor countries fight climate change and global warming

Connection between global warming and hurricanes

Clean coal to stop climate change?

Are people concerned about global warming?

Global warming - Worst impact in the tropics?

What is global warming?

Is global warming serious problem? What do people think?

Global warming in Africa – Who's to blame, what to do?

Copenhagen climate deal - Is it really needed?

USA - Mainly responsible for global warming

Humanity is still too shallow for new climate deal

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