Monday, March 10, 2008

Is global warming serious problem? What do people think?

Number of people believing that global warming is indeed a serious problem is increasing every day and experts say there is about 57 % of people worldwide that acknowledge the seriousness of global warming problem. But there are only 50 % people worldwide that think human actions caused global warming problem , and among other 50 % of people many of them think human actions are not solely responsible as for them natural changes in climate change are as much responsible as human actions. Only 42 % of people want governments to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and other pollutants. Majority of people think that individual actions can't do much in fight against global warming.

As we can see from these stats many people acknowledge the seriousness of global warming and climate change, but there are still many people thinking that global warming problem isn't that serious. Is this because they don't know enough about global warming or is this only some false hope they need to have in order to continue their ignorant way of life?

How much more proof do we need? Global warming is not some invented phenomenon (unfortunately) made up by scientists only to scare people and there is more than enough proofs of its seriousness (increase in temperature, rise in sea levels, melting ice-caps and glaciers, floods, droughts). And global warming won't disappear just like that because global warming is global problem, problem of all people worldwide and not just America, Europe or some other states.

In fight against global warming we need global action of all people that live on this beautiful planet; it is true that one individual isn't enough to do much against global warming, but many individuals joined together can become dominant force that will force governments to look for ecologically acceptable energy solutions, giving our planet and generations of people after us decent chance to survive. it isn't enough to close our eyes and wait for this problem to disappear, it is needed much much more as global warming is probably the most serious ecological problem in entire human history.

Ecology was always silent, hidden somewhere in the shadow, not loud enough against all-mighty profit and now we're paying price because of it. We can pretend, but sad truth is still there and global warming problem is only increasing its negative impact. So what are we waiting for? Miracle? Someone else who'll clean our mess?

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