Wednesday, February 6, 2008

USA - Mainly responsible for global warming

Global warming and global climate change are now something we must get used to as there looks to be no real efforts to at least slow down this dangerous trend caused mainly by CO2 emissions as the result of dominant fossil fuels use. And major blame for this giant ecological problem goes to the United States.

In United States CO2 emission per capita is six times the global average citizen and more than 30 times that of a citizen in a developing country which is more than worrying information as the world's leading country is mainly responsible for global warming problem and leads in CO2 emission.

US contributes to almost 25 % of greenhouse gas emissions which is definitely too much considering US covers only 9 % of the world population. And though US citizens are becoming more aware of global warming problem, US government isn't doing all the right moves and still very much favors traditional fossil fuels which makes this difficult situation even worse.

And do you know where does the great irony lie? In the fact that people mostly affected with this global warming problem are the least responsible for its creation. This especially refers to the "black continent" where temperatures have become almost unbearable making already hard conditions even harder.

But soon this problem won't be somewhere else and will be making its big entrance to US once rising temperatures, sea levels and high hydrological extremes result in contaminated water supplies, newly evolving illnesses, extreme temperatures and flooding.

United States as world's leading country should have moral responsibility and put serious efforts in order to solve this problem and not making it even more difficult. But America is used to its traditional style that includes lots of cars, heavy industries and dominant fossil fuels use, and by the current looks of it, this situation won't change significantly in the upcoming years.

Our planet suffers and US has great moral responsibility to do something about it, and something fast. Economy this time shouldn't be before ecology because unless something is done with ecology there soon won't be economy. The time has come and we need to remove the almighty dollar from the throne and give our planet a decent chance to survive. It's our moral responsibility, but is there any moral still left in us?

Will we prevent this future?

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