Tuesday, November 18, 2008

New global warming laws needed, but when?

Many people believe that with Obama in charge United States have entered into new "environmental age" with special emphasis to global warming and climate change problem. But in order to make first necessary step US needs new global warming laws that would limit emissions of greenhouse gases responsible for global warming. Of course this should be done as soon as possible, and Obama himself said many times how he will move quickly to address climate change. So when can we expect these new laws? If we are to believe the words of Sen. Jeff Bingaman this will not happen before 2010.

As Bingaman explained the economic crisis, the transition to a new administration and the complexity of setting up a nationwide market for carbon pollution will prolong new global warming act until 2010, meaning it will not happen in first year of Obama's presidency. But on the other hand Obama could do some significant things in fight against global warming even without Congress, for instance by giving California permission to regulate global warming gases from motor vehicles and by issuing regulations under the existing Clean Air Act.

So some starting steps can be done even without Congress. The whole world expects that United States now finally have the right man to lead the world into the "green revolution" and fight against global warming and climate change. Kyoto protocol failed mainly because of United States, and every major agreement on global warming deal must include US in order to have chance of succeeding. Bill to limit greenhouse gas emissions is vital, the sooner the better, but even if it takes more than one year Obama can still do much for environmental policy. Hopefully he is the man that stands behinds his words.

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