Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Global warming - Only science can save us?

International climate deal that would significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions is necessary but still there are many people questioning success of such a deal, mainly because world's energy demand keeps on increasing. Greenhouse gases are mostly the result of fossil fuels burning and given the fact that world population will grow significantly in years to come, and the fact that renewable energy sector is still miles away from reaching necessary level, our task of reducing CO2 emissions by 80 % till the year 2050 is really enormous one.

There is no doubt that the whole world wants to see drastic CO2 cuts, and signing international climate deal is first step needed to achieve this. Signing international climate deal is less than half job done, the most important factor is of course its implementation in real life, and this could be very tricky. 80 % emissions cut sounds excellent in theory but achieving it in real life will require not only much more efforts, but also much more development in different technologies, and here is where science should step in, and make the difference.

Many believe that renewables will make the difference. It is definitely true that renewables have enormous potential but current technologies are not even close enough in making renewables dominant energy sources. Renewables are still negligent on global scale, and though this is expected to change in years to come, we are still at least a century away from satisfying our energy needs from renewable energy sources. So how will we then manage to satisfy energy demand of the world, and in the same time drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions? Only science can give us an answer to this question.

Without the science, and major scientific discoveries that would enable use of new technologies we really have no chance to win the fight against global warming and climate change. Only science can make the difference here by deploying new advanced technologies that would ensure the energy mix needed not only to reduce greenhouse gas emissions but also to satisfy energy needs of world population that constantly grows. This will be one of the biggest challenges science has ever faced, especially given the fact that scientists have very little time to come up with solutions. Science has come to our rescue many times but can it do it once again?

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