Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Why new climate change deal is nowhere to be seen?

The science is almost unanimous in describing climate change as the biggest environmental threat of our time. It’s a real pity that the world leaders do not feel the same because new climate change deal is nowhere to be seen, and seems to be hugely overshadowed by the global economic meltdown.

Sure, there have been plenty of climate change talks but very little has moved forward in terms of agreeing new international deal that would significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

We have been bombarded by different  reports about big differences between developed and developing world that supposedly prevent the agreement on new climate deal.  The truth behind these talks is completely different, namely neither of the big emitters is ready to make the first step and show the rest of the world the right and only logical way to move forward.

They all fear that this will create gigantic damage to their economies, and are waiting for others to make the first move, meaning that we are stuck in this pathetic status quo situation where each major country is just making up excuses instead of doing something meaningful to decrease its carbon footprint.

The fossil fuel lobbies still hold plenty of power and renewable energy industry is still fairly young. This is the main reason why the future outlook for major reduction in emissions looks bleak to say the least. The renewable energy capacity continues to grow, that's true, but as long as fossil fuels remain dominant energy sources, world will not stand any chance in fight against climate change.

Not agreeing on new climate change deal because of the possible short-term damage to economy is one of the biggest ironies in the world today, especially given the fact that climate change is already costing global economy billions of dollars, with much worse to come in not so distant future.

The politics is determining the future of our future generations, and this is anything but good. Politics is symbolized by greed and power, and this is the legacy that is bound to create major problems for our children and grandchildren.

If we fail to win the fight against climate change what kind of world will be leaving to them? Do they really deserve to pay for our mistakes, and be severely punished because of the total negligence from our part? Where's that famous humanity we so much like to talk about?

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