Friday, May 29, 2009

Climate change is really big challenge

Global warming and climate change are serious questions that deserve quick answer from entire world. Climate change problems has to be solved on global level, and all countries must participate and work on possible solutions, especially world's largest greenhouse gas emitters like United States and China. New climate deal is necessity that will write our future.

What makes climate change problem such a tremendous challenge? First of all global warming problem is multidimensional problem. Multidimensional means that it has to be addressed to from many different points of view: economical, environmental, scientific, and political point of view. There are so many different interests that need to be satisfied and agreed upon, and this usually takes a lot of time. Climate change is specific problem that doesn't give us much time for action. Time is really a key factor that will determine the success of any climate agreement. Climate change requires quick action on political level, and you don't need me telling you how much time politicians need to make simplest decisions whether alone the most complicated ones. Climate change is one of the most complex problems in human history, and politicians carry great responsibility on their shoulders.

World needs to put aside all the differences that exist between the countries and turn new climate deal into reality but this has to be done as soon as possible, because global warming impact is becoming stronger and stronger. If the world fails to reach the global climate agreement as soon as possible we'll be heading to the point of no return where global warming impact will become too strong for us to do anything about it. And we'll only have ourselves to blame.

So can world really answer to climate change challenge? Yes it can, but only if we turn from words into action. Some of us are really tired of listening to constant promises, and then waiting for any available excuse to delay yet again what should have been done a long time ago. Environmental issues have now become much more important than anytime before in human history because this time stakes are really high. We are talking not only about the health of our planet, we are talking about our future generations and survival of millions of people. Precious time is ticking away and world has yet to agree upon new climate deal. The longer we wait the closer we are to reaching the point of no return, and worst possible scenario. But politics still needs time for further negotiations...

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