Friday, November 7, 2008

Are people concerned about global warming?

Global warming is getting more and more worldwide attention but apparently still not enough attention to make serious changes in energy sector that would cut down current rate of greenhouse gas emissions. Among 24 countries surveyed in this latest survey Brazil is most concerned about global warming with 92% of Brazilian people thinking about global warming as serious problem. This is perhaps not as surprising given recent talks about Amazon deforestation, and the impact that Amazon deforestation has on global warming.

What was really surprising was the fact that only 42 % Americans believe that global warming is serious problem, and In china this number is even smaller. United States and China are two countries most responsible for global warming emissions as they are the biggest emitters of CO2 in the world and maybe this is the reason why these countries still do not acknowledge seriousness of global warming.

People were also asked which country is hurting environment the most and majority agreed that this was United States. This is indeed so, though it has to be said, China looks to even overtake US as the example of extremely negative environmental policy.

On the other hand German's renewable energy policy has become famous throughout the world as 10 of 24 countries have the most confidence in Germany to do the right thing in protecting the world's environment and solve ecological problems. However Germany is to small on global scale to make significant impact, and as long US and China will stick to their current energy policy we won't see any progress. In fact things will only get worse. A lot worse.

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