Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Humanity is still too shallow for new climate deal

The world still hasn't matured enough when global interests are at stake, and thus we are very unlikely to see new climate deal in any time soon. The differences in opinions between the countries, and lack of political will is making new climate deal impossible to reach, and once again the humanity has showed that our civilization isn't exactly as advanced as many think it is. Well, at least not from ethical, environmental, and logical point of view.

The same old story over and over again. The science says to us please stop emitting so much greenhouse gases, they present us with various reports about what is climate change doing in form of ice melting, droughts, animals disappearing, etc, and then we see some weak public support which in the end results in some false political promise about the necessity of immediate action. Once this promise needs to be fulfilled the politics controlled by powerful oil and other fossil fuel lobbies says that we must wait for better times, and here we go again, one more time spinning in the circle. Over and over again. Will this circle ever be broken?

The money is in the hand of powerful fossil fuel lobbies that control politics. Without politics we can't make any global decision, and politics is always the game of interests, especially on global level. All countries are driven by their own interests instead by supporting global cause. And this global cause isn't some small issue, what we are talking about here is something that could have long-term effect on our planet's health, and the life of our future generations.

But then again this is only environmental issue, and who cares about the environment? Well some of us do, but sadly there are too little of us to make the difference on global level. When it comes to choice between going for money or for something that could actually help our planet the ones with power always choose money. Always. Why? Because greed for money runs in their blood.

In such an atmosphere even the biggest optimists might feel the wind of change drifting the other way. Will this wind ever change direction? I'm the one of those who believe that only some major catastrophe caused by climate change could change the direction of this wind. One huge disaster looks to be the only thing that could make us see through the righteous eyes, where we could be finally able to separate the right from the wrong, and remove almighty dollar from the pedestal of our civilization's values.

This shallow, empty humanity was sleeping for so long that it can only be wakened by some catastrophe of major proportions.

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  1. The issue on climate change has touched so many countries and thus have takan to the United Nations for discussion. It's true, politicians are always hungry for power and will never compromise their happines for the lower class.

    Given all the scientificaly proven stats on the rapidly changing climatic conditions on the globe i.e comparison between the carbon dioxide preserved in the glacial ice cores and the carbon dioxide continualy emitted in our atmosphere today,this shows clearly that the homo sapiens (human beings) interfear with mother natures natural processes of modifying nature's climate.

    People around the globe should be aware that, human beings are not causing climate change BUT rather inducing it, hence acting as catalysts towards the process of unknown resultant.