Friday, July 10, 2009

Global climate change - Global challenge to united world

Climate change is phenomenon that is happening on global level, meaning that all countries in the world are affected. The whole planet is affected by climate change but some parts are more vulnerable than other, for instance Africa and polar regions are likely to suffer the most from climate change. What is causing climate change? The answer is global warming that is happening due to excessive CO2 emissions which end up in the atmosphere where they are strengthening greenhouse effect that causes higher average temperature across the globe.

Climate change is global problem, and therefore it deserves solution on global level. This means that all countries must work together in finding the optimum solution to save our planet from the worst what climate change can offer. This is really what makes climate change such a big challenge , namely the fact that world has to put aside all the differences and work together in order to have any chance against global warming.

There are many people that still do not believe in climate change, who say that there are no such thing as global warming, and that this is nothing but Al Gore's invention created to put more emphasis on health of our planet. If this is really the case then why are almost all scientists confirming how climate change is really happening? Is this some sort of scientific conspiracy? Why is ice melting in polar regions, why are temperatures so high in Africa, why have extreme weather events become more frequent, and why are so many animals endangered if there's no climate change?

Global warming deniers say how this latest warming trend is just some natural cycle the earth is going through at this particular time in history. It may indeed be a cycle but it is definitely not natural but man-made. Our excessive emissions are the ones that created this "cycle" and not Mother Nature. In fact Mother Nature is fighting against climate change in forms of forests and oceans that absorb CO2 but our deforestation rates and ocean pollution are definitely not helping her cause.

This is really our biggest problem, namely taking responsibility for what we have done to our planet. It's always much easier to blame somebody or something else than to accept responsibility for our own deeds. Though things are slowly changing the question whether things have really changed so much that we could expect adequate climate deal later this year still remains. Will world finally make required cut in CO2 emissions or are we gonna listen to even more excuses like "financial crisis doesn't allow us" or "this would hurt our industry too much"? That still remains to be seen but at least this time hope seems to be standing on solid ground unlike last decade or so when George Bush was the U.S. main man.

This new climate agreement will really be the perfect evidence whether Obama was telling the truth when promising decisive action against climate change or whether these were nothing but false political promises. One thing has to be clear though, U.S. alone can't make the difference in fight against climate change but it definitely has to take the leading role if we want to see new climate deal.
Other countries are waiting for final decision from U.S. before making their decisions, and this is one decision of really gigantic proportions. What will America decide? What cut in emissions is enough? Short term and mid targets? What about help for developing countries?

These are only some of the questions that will have to be answered before the final decision is made. Don't get me wrong the other countries will also have to answer all of these questions and create their own opinions and decisions but the U.S. decision will be viewed from completely different perspective. After all this U.S. decision should be a example that all other countries should follow. Will this turned out to be a really good example? That still remains to be seen.


  1. Half-baked science plus politics plus peer pressure plus groupthink plus money equal a disaster to our economy and lifestyle.

  2. Should anyone have any doubts about the futility in mankind rising up to confront this issue, then read "Under a Green Sky" by Peter Ward.

    Sad to say, history has amply demononstrated that we are programmed for fight or flight, and long term dangers were simply not dealth with by mankind.