Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Is climate change origin of all ecological problems?

No, definitely not. When we talk about global warming and climate change we usually think of them as the biggest ecological problems but they are not origin of all ecological problems. The origin of all ecological problems are we, the humans, and with global warming and climate change we created the biggest mess of them all. Don't get me wrong we blew it many times before but with global warming and climate change we blew it big time.

Not so long ago there was no such thing as climate change, nobody knew anything about global warming, and the biggest ecological problems were endangered animals, deforestation, and different forms of pollution. But in the last few decades rapid industrialization has taken its heavy toll by producing massive greenhouse gas emissions that resulted in global temperature increase. Climate change is not only the biggest ecological problem of them all but it also gives more impact to other ecological problems. Take for instance the number of endangered animals because of changed climate conditions and threat to Earth's biodiversity.

The starting point of all ecological problems talks should be our behavior to nature. Were we the good sons and daughters to our mother nature? The truth is we were anything but good,and we acted like this planet belongs only to us, and we can do with it whatever we want to. By imposing our will against nature's will we have created such a tremendous environmental mess that will make living very difficult for our future generations. Industry, economy, and almighty dollar are things that determine any action, and there is still very big if whether this will change anytime soon despite the need for quick action.

Unfortunately quick is the word that has lost its meaning in environmental issues, because being so rarely used. Politicians are full of promises but when time for action comes they act like they have all the time in the world. In reality time for proper action is running so fast that even quick actions do not necessarily mean success. It is more like we have to do something so we could have the right to hope. Even hope doesn't come easy these days..

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