Friday, May 29, 2009

Climate change problem will not wait

Many people do not realize that climate change is already happening, and they act like we have all the time in the world to solve this problem. Truth is that climate change is already here, and even if we make massive cut in future emissions this will not stop climate change because of greenhouse gases that were already released into the atmosphere. What world can really do with massive cut in emissions is to avoid the worst possible climate change scenario.

Glaciers melting and average temperature increase across the Earth are clear signs of climate change. What worries me the most is the fact that world is still setting some far targets like for instance reducing emissions by 50% till the year 2050. This is more than 40 years from now, are we really so naive to think that climate change will wait us for the next 40 years or so? Climate change doesn't depend on politics like important decisions do, and if we fail to act now and set short term targets our future might be in great jeopardy.

People need to stop looking at climate change like some future problem and something that will happen in far future because climate change is really happening now, and there's very little time left for us to actually do something. Politics still isn't fully aware of magnitude of this problem despite different scientific warnings from many corners of the world. Emissions are still going up, and world still debates of "suitable time" for new climate deal. Because now is not the good time given current state of economy and global recession. Climate change doesn't care about recession and condition on financial markets around the world, and as we wait for economy to recover climate change is strengthening its impact even further.

If we fail to stop temperature increase above 2 degrees Celsius world will soon see what climate scientists were talking about once weather starts showing unpredictable side. Flooding, drought, water scarcity problems, frequent tropical storms, possibility of different new diseases, and hundreds million of refugees. And if this still isn't good enough reason for politicians to start acting then climate change is really the punishment this world obviously deserves.

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