Tuesday, November 1, 2011

World needs to make switch to zero-carbon economy

We can still stop climate change from totally running out of control. However in order to do so we have to make sure to stop global temperatures' increase of two degrees. Many climate change scientists are convinced that this decade could well be our last chance for decisive action against climate change.

If only world leaders would share their opinion and agree on new climate deal. At this moment however new climate change deal looks anything but possible.

World needs to significantly reduce carbon emissions at global level and there are several possible solutions to achieve this- transition to renewable energy, increased energy efficiency as well as different other carbon-free technologies.

The temperatures will grow as long as we keep emitting carbon emissions therefore the perfect solution to tackle climate change would be for world to switch to zero carbon economy.

The first step to zero-carbon economy would no doubt be ambitious renewable energy targets and a quick transition to renewable energy sources as the primary sources of energy.

The zero-carbon economy scenario wouldn't sit well to powerful fossil fuel lobbies and since these lobbies still have huge influence over politics it is no surprise all major political decisions go their way.

The global politics needs to look above the individual interests because climate change is global threat which means that only united world has the chance to tackle it.

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