Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Only united world can find solution to climate change

Climate change is by all means the greatest environmental threat of our time. Since climate change is a global issue it requires solution on global level which means that all countries of the world must be involved. However the unity of the world is highly questionable topic particularly when you consider almost no success in international climate talks up to this date.

The best solution to tackle climate change is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions on global level. However, many countries of the world are reluctant to commit to major carbon cuts because they fear this will have seriously negative economic impact. Don't be surprised, economy still heavily outweighs ecology, despite living in the 21st century.

Even if world eventually agrees on new climate deal it might be too late to stop climate change from running away with it. We have already witnessed to higher incidence of extreme weather events in many parts of the world with much more to come in years ahead.

In order to reduce carbon emissions on global level world will need to make a rapid transition to clean, renewable energy. The currently dominant fossil fuels when burn produce carbon emissions so the more fossil fuels gets replaced with renewable energy sources the better it will be in fight against climate change.

The transition to renewable energy is still not fast enough even despite the recent record growth of installed renewable energy capacity. Renewable energy sources are still more expensive energy option compared to fossil fuels which means that many countries, especially developing countries, still prefer them as a main driving force of their economies (this mostly refers to coal, the cheapest but also the dirtiest energy source).

World also needs to stop deforestation. Forests, especially rainforests, absorb large quantities of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. In fact our forests are together with our oceans the largest carbon sinkers.

The climate change has already reached the point where we have to think how to best adapt to it. Many scientists will tell you that term „tackling climate change“ no longer refers to completely stopping climate change but to make sure climate change does not cross the point of no return ( seen by many scientists as the global temperature increase of two degrees).

Climate change is really the first major issue that will test the unity of this world. Judging by the most recent reports regarding climate change talks, world is anything but united.

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