Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Why is climate change a major threat to Africa?

Africa is a continent most vulnerable to climate change. Already very hot and dry Africa will soon become even dryer and hotter due to climate change. More droughts will cause even more hunger in the Black Continent and Africa will find it extremely hard to cope with the climate change impact in years to come.

Africa's economy will take a massive hit by climate change, especially since Africa doesn't have enough money or the adequate policies to adapt to climate change. Without the help of rich countries Africa's future will look anything but bright.

African economy is still mostly based on agriculture despite the fact that there is a growing trend for industrialization in many African countries. The industrialization of Africa might worsen already serious climate change issue in Africa because most developing countries rely on coal as major fuel to boost their economies, which leads to more carbon emissions.

Africa needs to adopt green economy based on sustainable development and renewable energy but this is lot easier to said than done, especially with the high level of poverty in Africa.

The rich countries need to help Africa to come up with solutions that would ensure economic growth but at the same time avoid further harming the climate with more greenhouse gases.

Climate change issue will be among main topics at the African Economic Conference that starts on Tuesday, October 25, 2011.

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