Tuesday, November 23, 2010

UK not doing enough to decrease carbon emissions

UK will have to seriously increase its efforts in order to ensure low-carbon economy in years to come because based on the last report UK will need to triple its current efforts towards cutting emissions in order to transform to a low-carbon economy by 2050.

According to the latest report by wildlife charity WWF and innovation company Ecofys UK is well behind Germany, Denmark, Ireland and Sweden on the overall efforts to cut carbon emissions and transform to a low-carbon economy.

Carbon emissions can be decreased on several different ways, for instance by adding more renewable power to energy grid or improving energy efficiency. At this moment UK is well behind Denmark and Germany on renewables, behind Ireland on energy efficiency and behind France and the Czech Republic on cutting emissions associated with buildings.

Overall speaking, UK belongs to the average category when describing EU countries efforts to cut carbon emissions by between 80% and 95% by mid-century. Average is definitely not enough for UK because UK certainly wants to become one of clean energy leaders in years to come.

Though UK was the first country in the world that set the legally binding long-term targets for cutting emissions in form of Climate Change Act, this is far from being enough, and UK will have to look its current policies regarding renewable energy and efficiency in order to get on the right track.

Renewable energy sector in UK is currently experiencing positive trend in UK, which cannot be said about the issues connected with energy efficiency, transport and industry.

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