Monday, November 29, 2010

Climate change again becoming hot topic

Climate change is currently one of the hottest topics, which is of course the result of Cancun climate talks, where world leaders will try to clean the mess that was left by Copenhagen, or what is more likely create even bigger mess and lead this world to the brink of total environmental disaster.

It is difficult to be optimist about it, especially after so many disappointments, and the current political climate looks anything but ready to find the way to significantly lower emissions on global level. US is not ready to lead the world, China isn't giving up on coal, renewable energy sector is still not developed, and the differences between countries are still pretty much the same as they were last year in Copenhagen.

New, legally binding climate deal therefore looks more like a nice dream after which it's time to get back in the harsh reality. And this reality will likely become even harsher in years to come because climate change will likely very soon pass the point of no return, namely the 2C temperature increase.

The two largest CO2 emitters in the world are China and United States, and so any success of climate deal will primarily depend upon the will of these two countries to significantly curb their own emissions.

The difference in opinions between developed and developing world is still the biggest obstacle that will likely undermine all current climate efforts, and yet again postpone the decisive political action.

What to expect from Cancun climate talks? A lot of expectations resulting in one huge disappointment is the most likely scenario.

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