Saturday, November 13, 2010

What should be in the focus of international climate deal?

There are many people who are still convinced in the positive outcome of Cancun climate talks that are just behind the corner. Whether we'll actually see something positive or not it is difficult to tell because even top political analysts have so far been sending us mixed signals about the possible success of international climate deal.

There are four major areas which should be in the focus of new international climate deal: first of all is how to adapt to climate change, second how to curb carbon emissions in order not to make climate change worse than it already is, third transfer of clean technologies from rich to poor countries, and fourth to create international fund for long-term climate financing.

Adapting to climate change would be crucial in years to come, and this is only possible if rich countries help poor countries, after all this should be the moral duty of rich countries since they are the ones that are mostly responsible for climate change issue because of their excessive carbon dioxide emissions.

World will have to significantly curb carbon emissions in years to come. Whether this will be achieved by renewable energy or clean coal technologies doesn't really matter, the most important thing is to get it done, because if we continue with our current levels of carbon emissions climate change impact will continue to grow.

Transfer of clean technologies (renewable energy and some alternative solutions like clean coal technologies) is also something that needs to be done because developing countries are mostly using coal to boost their economies, and coal is the dirtiest fuel of them all. The developing world should focus more on renewable energy technologies, and this is where rich countries should step in and provide adequate knowledge and funds.

World also needs to create international fund for long-term climate financing, because climate change is long-term phenomenon, and world will no doubt need lot of money to adapt to changes that climate change will no doubt bring in years to come. International fund for long-term climate financing is therefore also a necessity.

Cancun climate talks will soon start, and world leaders have once again the chance to do something for our planet, and protect our future generations from the worst that climate change has to offer. Have they learned something from their past mistakes? We'll soon see.

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