Sunday, December 5, 2010

What must world do to stop climate change?

These are the most important things world needs to do in order to stop climate change from strengthening its impact:

1. Significantly reduce the global level of greenhouse gas emissions, not only carbon dioxide (CO2) but also other greenhouse gases such as methane.

2. Agree on new international climate deal that would legally oblige countries to curb their emissions. Kyoto protocol definitely needs much stronger successor to make the difference.

3. Listen to science, and ensure better funding for science researches that study the climate change phenomenon. Climate change is extremely complex and multidimensional issue which is why science needs all the help it can get in form of adequate funding.

4. Stop deforestation in Amazon rainforests, and other large rainforests and forests on our planet because these forests absorb huge quantities of CO2.

5. Stop the ocean acidification because this could disrupt the ability of oceans to sink CO2, and they are currently, together with rainforests, the largest CO2 absorbers on our planet.

6. Develop renewable energy sector to get more energy from renewable energy, and decrease the fossil fuels consumption because burning fossil fuels creates harmful carbon emissions.

7. Significantly improve energy efficiency. By improving energy efficiency world would also decrease its need for energy coming from fossil fuels which would result in less CO2 emissions.

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