Friday, June 5, 2009

Is global warming still a theory?

Many people today believe how global warming is still nothing but a theory discussed by some weird scientists because they just want to scare us. To many people climate change isn't happening yet, and even many people that acknowledge climate change believe how climate change isn't man-made but due to solar rays, cosmic activity, and God knows what else. Is it really so hard to accept the truth and take the responsibility?

Apparently it is. Because many of us still close the eyes upon many global warming evidences. Why is polar ice melting if there's no global warming? Why is sea level rise increasing in many parts of the world? Why has Earth's temperature increased in many corners of the world? Why extreme weather events like drought, floods, hurricanes are becoming more and more frequent? Does this really sounds to you like global warming is still a theory?

Well if this all is just a theory then I'm really afraid of what's gonna happen once this theory becomes reality. Possible scenario includes unusually hot weather, big sea level rise, flooding of coastal waters, rapid glaciers melting and water scarcity, extinction of many animals and plant species, heavy snowfalls, flooding, droughts wildfires, new diseases etc.

World still hasn't realized that climate change is one of the biggest challenges in human history, and still delays immediate action against global warming. International climate deal is more than necessary, and if the world fails to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions we'll be heading into nightmare future.

It really puzzles me why so many people still believe that global warming is still happening only in theory. If that's really the thing then there's really no difference between theory and reality in my book. OK world hasn't seen the worst of global warming, well at least not yet, but if we continue our current trend of emissions we'll soon see what global warming is all about. And trust me this won't be a pretty sight.


  1. Well said. I suspect that a lot more people will wake up to the dangerous reality of AGW in the next few years as this next El Nino condition and the solar cycle enhance the CO2 driven global warming instead of retarding it, as the La Nina and the solar minimum recently were doing. We will almost certainly be seeing new record temperatures, killer heat waves, droughts, wildfires and more extreme weather events in the next few years. Perhaps this will finally succeed in breaking the general public free of the smokescreen of propaganda, misinformation and lies that the fossil fuel interests have cunningly used to confuse the public and some retards in Congress for so many years now. You're right that anthropogenic climate change will be the greatest challenge mankind has ever faced and we've already lost much time because of the machinations of those who stand to lose some short term profit if carbon emissions are sharply limited.

  2. Could it just be that the cycles are the norm and CO2 impact is ~Zero? The sun (its the big glowing orb in the sky) has a far greater impact then anything man could come up with. Oh, and we can't control it. Please go feed the homeless rather than being a voice for Big Al and his liberal machine. Peace....

  3. Yeah, I suppose the CO2 impact could be zero, if you ignore proven and testable physics. CO2 absorbs certain wavelengths of light while letting others pass through unaffected (if you ever took a physics or chemistry class, you probably did an experiment which illustrates this). This is the basis of the poorly-named but definitely real "greenhouse effect"

  4. To Anonymous Octovber 13: Clearly you wouldn't care if the planet melted, you'd STILL deny the existence of AGW: Fact is NO current model (as of 2010) can account for the RATE of heat increase WITHOUT anthropogenic sources.
    That we are the proximate cause of this warming is now certain to something like 5 sigma. Bleating on about Al Gore no longer works.

  5. The largest problem I have with this post is the fact that you describe it as, "...just a theory," when in science a theory is the result of scientific fact (consensus amongst scientists) and scientific laws (predictions/hypotheses that have never been refuted by experimental data.

    Theories are strong. The human impact on global climate change is a theory, but theory, in science, in the best evidence-based explanation for something.

    Common explanations that are theories, and taken as seriously as we should take the issue of global climate change:

    Germ Theory
    Theory of Gravity
    Atomic Theory
    Continental Drift
    Heliocentric Theory of the Solar System
    Cell Theory
    Spherical Earth Theory

    While I agree with the purpose of your post, I thought I'd comment on the language.