Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Climate change to cause water scarcity across the Middle East

Climate change problem is likely to cause serious water scarcity in many corners of the world, and one of the worst hit areas is likely to be Middle East. Middle East is already famous as area of frequent conflicts between Israel and surrounding nations, and water scarcity could cause new type of conflicts, so called "environmental wars".

Even less serious issues than water resources have lead to military conflicts in Middle East so you can imagine what will happen once already scarce water resources become even scarcer. Climate change will further diminish water resources at Middle East as many different climate models have showed that climate at Middle East will be much hotter and much dryer in years to come.

Latest report by Danish Institute in Old Damascus issued warning how "higher temperatures and less rainfall will reduce the flow of rivers and streams, slow the rate at which aquifers recharge, progressively raise sea levels and make the entire region more arid". If current climate change trend continues Middle east will experience temperature rise by 2.5 to 3.7 degrees Celsius in the summer and 2 to 3.1 degrees in the winter in the next 40 years.

Climate change impact will not only cause higher temperatures but also sea level rise which will be particularly serious problem for Lebanese coast that will experience frequent flooding and erosion. And as the environmental problems keep on piling, so does the tension between the nations in this area. One tiny spark is enough to start the fire of bloody war, and water is definitely more than one tiny spark.

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