Friday, May 29, 2009

Climate change - The biggest threat to polar bears

Not so long ago hunting was the main threat to polar bear population but now climate change has become the most significant threat to polar bear population. International climate deal that could be agreed in December this year is probably the last chance for polar bears survival. If we fail to stop global warming Arctic will soon be without polar bears because bears need ice to survive.

World needs to act as quickly as possible and seal the climate deal before we lose polar bears. Protecting polar bears and their habitats is important to keep the balance of ecosystems these polar bears are part of. The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) reclassified the polar bear as a vulnerable species on its Red List of Endangered Species in 2005.

The main reason why climate change is such big threat to polar bears is rapid ice melting. Arctic ice is melting much faster than expected and in 2007 it was the smallest of all time since the measurements began 30 years ago. If the current trend continues Arctic will lose all of its ice before the end of this century.

Why is ice so important to polar bears survival?Polar bears have seals as main prey and they need ice to catch them because in water (though polar bears are excellent swimmers)they are not fast enough to catch them. It is basically the question of not enough food without the ice, and one of the land's largest predators could be lost forever. However climate deal is not only needed for polar bears survival it is of vital importance for our survival as well. Hopefully end of this year will mean new beginning for all of us in terms of climate change.

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