Friday, May 29, 2009

Can world stop global warming?

This is the question that definitely deserves positive answer but can we give positive answer to this question at this time? Positive answer at this stage would really be nothing more than false hope, something to settle nerves of few worried people across the globe. OK, maybe not so few people but definitely not enough to make the difference in forcing the world leaders to actually do something more concrete than talk and promise.

We are constantly listening promises from world leaders how it is necessary to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emission in upcoming years, how we should start using renewable energy sources, how the whole world should act together as one to tackle climate change. So many words and so little action. Every action needs political approval, and politicians are really only good in talking and giving false promises. Only when some problem reaches critical proportions, only then politics acts. The problem with global warming and climate change is specific one, namely politicians still haven't realized that this we are in really critical situation, and what they really do is act like we have all the time in the world. Unfortunately luxury of time is no longer with us. It died couple of years ago after transition countries started their industrial boom on coal burning which resulted in rapid rise of greenhouse gas emissions.

Don't get me wrong these countries do not share the greatest responsibility for global warming phenomenon, the greatest responsibility lies on US shoulders, and their traditional fossil fuel dependence. Data shows that only last year China overtook United States in becoming the biggest CO2 emitter, but all the past years it was none other than Uncle Sam that made this tremendous environmental mess that caused global warming. Some could even say that developing countries are only following US footsteps. Definitely wrong footsteps to follow but who can blame them? They also have right to progress and higher standard but the cost of achieving this is really big one. In fact it is so big that threatens future of our planet.

So what is next to do? Will Barrack Obama prove to be Messiah that will not only lead US but the whole world to ecological redemption? Will world leaders finally put some action behind their words, and actually stop increase in greenhouse gas emissions, or is there another bunch of false promises ahead before the real action starts? There is not only the question of how to stop global warming from becoming even worse, there is also the question of adapting to global warming, which will be particularly difficult for poor countries. After all these questions become answered, only then we'll know answer to the original question will we stop global warming or not.

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