Friday, May 29, 2009

U.S. serious about global warming or not?

After almost a decade under George Bush United States are having hard time convincing world that they are ready to take climate change problem more seriously. Many countries are still having doubts whether this time U.S. really does care about global warming problem, and whether Obama's administration is really so eager to shape an international climate deal. When you look at the past couple of years it is really no surprise that U.S. is still characterized by many as big doubt. Are things really so different now?

After almost a decade on sidelines U.S. should now accept the role of playmaker and lead the world to international climate pact. Many environmentalists see this international deal as the last chance to stop global warming impact. U.S. economy is still very much based on fossil fuels and it is difficult to see just how will the second largest CO2 emitter curb down massive CO2 emissions. Lot of things will depend on U.S. Congress, Obama alone definitely won't be enough.

We are still only talking, and there is very large distance between talking and actually doing something, and U.S. still needs to prove that they mean business, that they are finally committed and they will do anything in their power to try to get it right this time. During George Bush period climate deal looked like the last thing for discussion, and greenhouse gas reductions were mentioned only by environmentalists. Hopefully U.S. has learned from its past mistakes.

Obama's plan to reduce greenhouse gas emission by 80 % till the end of this century could really make the difference but the last word will go to Congress that needs to pass a cap-and-trade program that would ensure such drastic reductions. Congress is still having major doubts whether climate change is more important than for instance recession and health care. This could be world's last chance to do something against global warming and climate change. Success of international climate deal is in the hands of Congress. Will they get it right this time?

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