Monday, November 17, 2008

More coal means more impact to global warming

Coal, the dirtiest energy source, mainly responsible for global warming because of excessive CO2 emissions when burned will likely stay top energy source until 2030 giving more impact to global warming and climate change. IEA believes that coal-based electricity is projected to rise in upcoming years to almost 14,600 TWh by 2030, and this will off course mean more CO2 emissions in years to come which could very easily undermine global efforts to fight climate change and global warming.

Current financial crisis isn't helping either as many countries will stick with the cheapest energy source there is, and this is the coal. Demand for energy is great and many countries will look for the cheapest alternatives which will of course leads to even bigger coal use. More coal combustion would mean more CO2 emission, and more impact to not only global warming but to the air pollution as well. There have been some experiments with clean coal technologies but though some technologies showed great prospect it will take years before they can be commercially used on global scale. Unfortunately global warming, climate change, air pollution, and different related health issues won't give us luxury of time.

Clean energy is our only hope, but hope that slowly drifts away...

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