Friday, November 14, 2008

Japan's carbon emissions rising

Japan is one of technologically most advanced countries but when it comes to CO2 emissions it is same old story, namely constant rise of CO2 emissions. Latest data showed that Japan's CO2 emissions rose 2,3 % this year to a record high of 1.37 billion tons which is well above target set by Kyoto protocol, making Japan's goal to reduce carbon emissions by 6 % in period between 2008 and 2012 almost impossible.

Kyoto protocol looks more and more as big failure because none of the big emitters (China, US, Australia) is doing necessary steps to cut down carbon emissions. Basically what we have is summits every now and then with lots of talk, and very little action. We can talk all we like, but talk will not stop global warming and climate change, world simply needs new energy policy that would put an emphasis to renewable energy sector.

If we are to trust Obama's words USA will change its energy policy making more emphasis to clean energy sector. If this really happens then this should be great boost to all other countries, because world needs global turn to renewables if we really want to achieve goals set by Kyoto protocol.

Reports have been so far anything but positive but at least with the Obama's election there is this hope that things will change for better, hope that didn't exist during George Bush. But there is a long way from hope to success, and a lot of work ahead of whole world. Will US finally lead the way?

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