Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Climate change, extreme weather and ecosystems

If climate change issue remains intact this will likely lead to more frequent extreme weather events in years to come. Not only will these frequent extreme events cause huge material damage but will also cause massive damage to our environment, and could further add to already big issue of global biodiversity loss.

Climate change is already one of the biggest factors behind the massive biodiversity loss and with the more frequent extreme weather such as hurricanes, torrential downpours and droughts things could become even worse, and many species might forever perish from the face of this planet.

 Flora and fauna are already becoming extinct at a rate 100–1000 times higher than normal and we are on the verge of yet another mass extinction event, this time caused mainly by humanity and not the result of some asteroid hitting our planet.

The scientists fear that the frequent extreme events will further add to extinction of many species, especially in ecosystems with rich biodiversity such as coral reefs and tropical rainforests.

The extreme weather events are only one of the many scary faces under which climate change hides. The others include ocean acidification, sea level rise, new diseases, all of which can lead to massive environmental damage.

The world is at the brink of gigantic environmental disaster, and yet the world leaders don't look too concerned about it as they continue to postpone new climate deal for some better times. Better times – what an irony…

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