Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Climate change is about to reach tipping point

Our planet is very close to reaching a tipping point where climate change and global warming will become irreversible. Many scientists believe that this decade may be our last chance to do something effective against climate change.

The tipping point represents a global temperature increase of two degrees Celsius. This increase in global temperature will among other things lead to melting of polar ice sheets and massive loss of rainforests.

What world quickly needs is new international climate deal but this doesn't look to be happening any time soon because there are still major differences between developed and developing world in proposed cuts.

The continuing melting of the ice worries scientists, especially if it spreads to Siberian permafrost, which stores frozen carbon in the soil away from the atmosphere. Scientists estimate that Siberian holds 1,600 billion tonnes of carbon there - about twice the amount in the atmosphere today.

Rainforests are becoming drier and oceans are becoming increasingly acidic, all because of the increased climate change impact. Extreme weather events such as hurricanes are becoming more frequent and there is also a danger of new diseases.

The only solution to climate change issue is to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and this can only be done by shutting down fossil fuels fired power plants and switching to clean, renewable energy sources.

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