Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How to ensure adequate protection from major sea level rise?

Climate change will completely change our way of life and future generations will have their hands full in dealing with different climate change threats. Among the most talked about climate change threats is also a major sea level rise.

Sea levels are already increasing very fast and in years to come several areas of the world might completely disappear from the global map of the world, being completely swollen by water. This is the reason why people need to adapt very quickly to these changes, and who knows, the way things are currently going, maybe in years to come, floating homes will become a common sight in many countries of the world.

Some countries are more vulnerable to sea level rise than other, and some countries are also technologically much more superior to tackle this threat as compared to some other, mostly developing countries.

However, the lives of people should be equally valued in both developing as well as developed world which means that developed countries should create massive funds so that poor countries could develop adequate flood engineering solutions to tackle the sea level threat.

Many densely populated areas could experience problems with huge sea level rise, even before the end of this century, and world leaders need to start thinking right away about the possible technologies that could protect these areas from massive flooding.

Failure to do so will not only create millions of refugees but also millions of deaths. We must avoid this scenario, no matter what.

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