Tuesday, June 21, 2011

No hope of reaching new climate deal?

The international climate deal certainly looks like the only possible solution to effectively tackle the climate change threat but this fact is practically useless since it is very clearly that developed and developing world still cannot find a mutual language needed for agreement.

Hopes are quickly fading for new international climate deal. Developing nations are pressing hard, insisting that rich countries must agree massive cuts in greenhouse gas emissions while developed countries do not want to legally oblige themselves to massive emission cuts if fast developing economies such as China and India do not follow the same path.

China and India want the extension of Kyoto deal but many other countries are against it because China and India had no obligations to curb emissions under Kyoto while United States never ratified Kyoto. This would practically leave the EU alone, and EU doesn't want to go all alone, especially since it accounts for only 11 percent of world's total greenhouse gas emissions.

Big players such as China and United States are still not ready to commit which means that the rest of the world isn't putting enough pressure on them.

The failure to reach the climate deal could have catastrophic consequences-the scientists have said it many times that any increase of global temperature beyond the two degrees of Celsius will irreversibly change the climate in many parts of the world, and judging by the latest estimates the world is currently on path to a rise of 3.2 degrees Celsius as the emissions keep on rising.

If the world leaders continue this selfishness in climate change talks polar bears won't be the only creatures feeling the heat of climate change because our children and grandchildren will feel the same, cursing the legacy that was left to them by our generation.

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