Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Is world losing the fight against climate change?

World is still not putting enough efforts into a fight against climate change. This is not only visible from the fact that world still hasn't agreed upon new climate deal but also because fossil fuels use is still not decreasing which means that carbon emissions still continue to rise on global scale.

World has several different options at its disposal in fight against the climate change but they are of very little use because there is still a big difference in opinion among world leaders about what should be done next. The developed world wants one thing and the developing countries want something else which makes climate talks practically useless.

The most obvious solution to tackle climate change is of course in finding the right mechanism to decrease the further growth of carbon emissions. With fossil fuels satisfying most of global energy demand carbon emissions will continue to grow so what we need here is rapid renewable energy development.

The renewable energy revolution is sadly not being famous for its speed. Renewable energy sources currently satisfy about 13 percent of the world's total energy demand which means that oil, coal and natural gas still rule the world.

Renewable energy sector needs more funds, more researches and more political backup to speed things up. The political backup is often the main stumbling block because of powerful fossil fuel lobbies that have huge control over politics and tend to get major political decisions going their way.

As already said above more fossil fuels will mean more carbon emissions and more carbon emissions will mean higher temperatures. The vast majority of scientists agree that world needs to keep a maximum global average temperature rise of below 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 F) over pre-industrial times if we want to avoid the bad climate change scenario.

The way things are currently going this bad scenario might soon turn out to be the real deal. Even sooner than expected.

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