Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Climate change issue - Ten things that need to be done

1. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions on global level. In order to do so countries must agree new international climate deal, at this point this looks to be impossible because of difference in opinions between the developed and the developing world.

2. Help animals and plants to adapt to climate change or else many species will go extinct. The biodiversity loss is already huge, and climate change has the potential to make things even worse.

3. Develop strong renewable energy sector on global level. Strong renewable energy sector would mean less need for fossil fuels, and less fossil fuels burning means less CO2 emissions.

4. Improve energy efficiency. Together with developing renewable energy sector world also needs to improve efficiency of currently dominant energy technologies.

5. Protect our oceans and forests. Our oceans and forests are our planet's largest absorbers of carbon dioxide, and maintaining this extremely useful ability of theirs is crucial thing in fight against climate change.

6. Adequate environmental and renewable energy legislation, both on national as well as international level.

7. Create funds for poor countries because poor countries do not have enough money to adapt to climate change. After all, these countries are the least responsible for ongoing climate change phenomenon, and they certainly do not deserve to suffer the most because of it.

8. Create more funds for climate change research. Much of climate change is still in sphere of predictions and scientific research will play a key role in developing a best possible strategy in our fight against climate change.

9. Stop deforestation. Deforestation not only destroys forests that sink lot of carbon dioxide but it is also responsible for around one fifth of total world's carbon emissions.

10. Green development of our entire society. People need to develop ecological conscience, and change their current system of values where everything resolves around the money. We need to know that we need nature much more than nature needs us.

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