Wednesday, February 23, 2011

There's really no point in climate change talks

This year's climate change talks will be held in South Africa, and by the current looks of it everything will remain only on talks. This is because many political analysts believe that it is almost impossible to expect international climate deal to be agreed given the current political situation in the world.

Last year's climate change talks in Cancun ended with some fairly modest advancements, and it looks like the same scenario could happen once again because of the difference in opinion between the developed and developing countries.

The major players, and world's largest CO2 polluters China and United States are still not prepared to cut their greenhouse gas emissions, and without these two countries showing the example everything else is pretty much useless.

As said before the gap in opinions between the developed and the developing world is still a too big obstacle to any success in reaching the international climate deal. Developing countries believe that rich industrialized countries should make legally binding commitments to deeper cuts in the emissions of the greenhouse gases, most notably carbon dioxide (CO2).

Rich countries believe that deeper CO2 cuts would hurt their economies too much, especially if developing countries such as China and India would be left out of it.

Basically, it is status quo situation with none of major players ready to show the will to actually do something about climate change issue. Top polluters are anything but ready to legally commit to emission cuts, and if you look at these things more closely there's really no point in climate change talks. Just a high expectations resulting in one big disappointment.

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