Sunday, October 3, 2010

Clean energy key to climate change success

Climate change talks have failed miserably in Copenhagen, and since there's obviously not enough political will to agree legally binding international climate deal something else must be done instead. A global push for more clean energy looks to be one of the best solutions.

International bodies such as UN should be doing much more to support clean energy by monitoring the situation regarding investments in new renewable energy projects, by establishing some guidelines under which the commitment of each country to go for clean energy would be judged, all in order to ensure global "clean energy revolution".

Many countries are pushing for more renewable energy but world is still lacking global renewable energy goals, there are still no global monitoring mechanisms, and there is no international body that would help countries achieve their clean energy targets.

There are still many differences between developed and developing world, and these differences are the major stumbling block that prevents world from agreeing new international climate deal.

Each country promotes its own political and economic interests, and with so many different interests global climate deal looks impossible. But there's also one interest that all countries will likely support, namely more clean energy to satisfy our energy needs.

So why not go global with it?

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