Sunday, September 26, 2010

Climate change is still not obvious enough?

According to the recent reports this year is one of the hottest years in recorded history. Arctic summer sea ice continues to shrink, coral reefs are being devastated by global bleaching, there are massive wildfires in Russia, flooding in China, but these obvious signs of climate change are still not enough for world leaders to do something about it.

So much was expected from Copenhagen, and in the end everything failed miserably. Developed world doesn't share the same political and economic interests as the developing world, and individual interests still outweigh the global interest of entire mankind.

Science is clearly not enough to convince world leaders (and many other climate change skeptics) about the severity of climate change. It is like people wait for worst to happen in order to be convinced how serious this issue really is.

If the scientific predictions are true, and we continue to emit massive amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere our children and grandchildren will be the ones that will suffer the most once climate change starts showing its scary face.

United States and China are the two biggest greenhouse gas emitters, and other countries wait for them to make the first moves. While China is doing huge steps to embrace clean energy in years to come, the prospect of a federal cap on carbon emissions in United States is with each new day looking more and more unlikely to happen, and some leading American politicians like Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal even believe that cap-and-trade is as good as dead.

The political games between the Republicans and Democrats are the last thing that global climate efforts currently need because many countries wait for US to show them a positive move forward. Such move is unlikely to happen because US is still all about talks, and even Obama looks to be losing interest to push climate change issue all the way, regardless of what some lobbies may think about it.

We all know that talk is cheap, and nothing gets done by talking. The last thing this world needs is even more false promises.

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