Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What should the world first do against the climate change?

If we accept the current dominant climate change theory then climate change is already happening with the worst yet to come once temperatures increase too much. This means that we cannot stop climate change since climate change is already here, and the only two things we can do is make sure not to increase climate change impact even further, and also to adapt to new climate conditions the best we can.

In order not to make things even worse we should significantly decrease the amount of CO2 emissions that are released in atmosphere. Fossil fuels burning is the main reason behind excessive emissions so we should be doing everything that is in our power to replace fossil fuels with clean, renewable energy sources. Sadly, energy demand keeps on growing, and clean energy sources are still not developed enough to provide significant share of world's total energy since they lack both tradition, as well as powerful lobbies that would support them.

If we accept the fact that climate change impact will become more powerful as the years will go by then each country must do its maximum to ensure painless adaptation to new climate change. Rich countries shouldn't have too much problem with it but what about poor developing countries? Dozens billions of dollar each year are needed to ensure the best possible adaptation to climate change for developing countries, and as climate conditions will become worse even more money will be needed with each new year.

Developing countries feel that the rich countries are not to be trusted since many of them have broken their promises to cut their own emissions which has created mistrust on global level that is definitely one of the main reasons that certainly played major role in undermining climate talks in Copenhagen.

But the positive factor in this whole story could be the global clean energy race. Clean energy sources are becoming increasingly popular, and it looks like all the big players want not only to participate in this race but have also set their sights on medals.

However, international climate deal is still needed, because political promises are worthless without legally binding document. Hopefully next climate talks will be able to deliver the international climate deal, so the world could actually witness that not all political promises are false.

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