Monday, February 8, 2010

How will climate change impact water supplies?

Climate change experts agree that climate change will have very negative impact on global water supplies. Many impact of global warming are connected with water supplies. The list includes melting glaciers, heat waves, cyclones or water-borne diseases such as cholera, desertification, and floods.

Climate change will result in shortage of water, and shortage of water could lead to open conflicts, and even wars between some countries. People will only see how precious water really is once there won't be enough water, and this could happen in not so far future from now.

Shortage of water presents by many the most important threat to future peace in the world, and many countries should already start to cooperate in searching for the best possible solutions to overcome water shortages in years to come.

The most affected regions will be Central Asia and northern Africa. According to latest U.N. estimates up to 250 million people in Africa could suffer from insufficient water supplies by 2020.

Water issue will very soon become the most important issues though currently many people do not see it so important. But once water shortages become more frequent many people will see why the water is the most precious resource on our planet.

It would be wise to count how much water we are using for certain "not so relevant" uses, for instance one study showed that it took 15,000 litres to produce a pair of blue jeans. Such examples definitely do not help water conservation cause. Industrial water use should be definitely put under the magnifier.

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