Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Germany to continue with significant CO2 reduction targets

Despite the climate deal has very much failed this will not stop Germany to continue with very ambitious target of 40% less CO2 emissions by 2020. Of course to do so, the emphasis will be on even bigger share of renewable energy sources in domestic energy supply. This highly industrialized country is the sixth largest CO2 emitter in the world, and any significant decrease from its part would be more than welcome to tackle climate change on global level.

This won't be very easy to do, because Germany being highly industrialized country, also has some powerful industry lobbies that have already started talking how such ambitious target would hurt German industry too much, causing lot of people to lose their jobs.

On the other hand such CO2 reduction target could also give further boost to German renewable energy sector, and could give German economy the edge in the clean energy race.

Since Copenhagen climate deal turned out to be a major setback, world really needs much more positive examples, or otherwise temperature increase will cause devastating damage to our planet, and irreversibly change our current way of life. It is nice to see that some countries are well aware of that.

From the current point of view it certainly looks like the Germany will be the leading country, and the driving force behind the EU's clean energy policy.

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