Sunday, January 24, 2010

Forests are the best ally in fight against climate change

Though Copenhagen climate deal turned out to be one major disappointment still almost all world leaders agreed that one of the most important thing to do to tackle climate change is to save our forests, particularly rainforests that play one of the most important roles in regulating climate on our planet. Has world finally started realizing how important our forests and rainforests really are?

Forests do not only help regulate climate by absorbing large quantities of CO2 from the atmosphere but they are also the home to millions of plants and animals, and also protect soils and watersheds from erosion. Of course, in fight against the climate change their most wanted ability is to store carbon by absorbing greenhouse gases and preventing their release into the atmosphere.

So how can we save our forests that are so vital ally in fight against the climate change? Currently the most popular idea is that rich countries pay developing nations to protect and manage their tropical forests in order to reduce the global carbon emissions that result from massive deforestation. The largest rainforests in the world belong to developing countries, and without money from rich countries they will continue to destroy forests to primarily make more rooms for farms and more cattle pasture areas.

Globally deforestaion is the second main cause of global warming problem behind fossil fuels burning, and we would do great deal for tackling the climate change by halting deforestation. The solution really looks to be simple, namely the developed countries pay for the right to emit carbon emissions, and developing nations with vast forest areas are paid to keep these forests intact.

But in order for this solution to work it is vital to ensure that the money ends up in right place, and not in pockets of dirty politicians. This could be a big problem because many developed countries are struggling with corruption problems, and it would definitely not be easy to unsure the total transparency of the funds.

This problem still shouldn't prevent rich countries to finance funds against deforestation. All what these countries need to ensure is some sort of mechanisms that would ensure total transparency of these funds to ensure that money will end up in the right place. We must not forget that by saving our forests we are also saving the future of our planet.

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  1. We also have immense carbon stores -- and CO2 emissions from deforestation clearcutting and burning right here in the US. Here in California we have immense forested area but the State of California just allowed clearcutting and conversion of natural forests into tree plantations. And also here in California we have the real potential to have scamming on forest carbon projects now with these "protocols" and the potential to pay rich and powerful industrial forest landowners to keep doing basically business as usual for decades. The rules are written so these owners can claim the $ for a carbon project then just clearcut more land elsewhere. We all loose