Sunday, December 20, 2009

Hope to stop the climate change is already lost?

Climate talks have failed in the most important issue, namely to specify the carbon emission cuts, and the only thing that can be characterized as some sort of success is the "agreement" that outlined a goal of providing $100bn a year by 2020 to help poor countries and also promised to deliver $30bn of aid for developing nations over the next three years. These are significant commitments but are they enough for us to be optimistic?

Difficult to say. China and India did not want legally binding targets about carbon emissions because they want to continue their impressive economic growth at any cost, and though most delegates backed a US proposal that included limiting temperature rises to less than 2C, at the end the 193-nation summit ended with delegates taking "note" of the deal. Taking note is definitely not enough.

Though you have the general feeling like for the first time in human history both developed and developing countries look ready to fight the climate change problem, somehow it still looks like the differences between these countries are still making things extremely difficult in reaching new climate deal.

And the result of this is that we now have a declaration, instead of legally obliging deal. So much hopes, so much talks, so much world leaders on one place, such an important issues, and all we have is a declaration. It should have been so much more.

Climate talks will likely be the main topic in the upcoming months but from the current point of view it definitely does not look like the climate deal will be struck in any time soon.

After so many months of hope, hope that world has finally reach the point to put aside the difference in opinion, and struck deal about this vital issue, all we are left with is an empty accord with no legally binding targets, and no money guaranteed to be over and above existing aid budgets.

World has yet again showed its true face by showing how little we care for our planet. Pathetic and embarrassing.

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