Monday, December 14, 2009

Failure to reach climate deal is unacceptable

The failure to reach new climate deal is unacceptable, and world leaders should be well aware of that, and do everything what it takes to speed up the negotiation process. The entire world has a holy obligation to leave the world as we know it now to our future generations because without the immediate action against the climate change our way of life, and especially way of life of our future generations, will change forever. And when I say change, I certainly don't mean change for better.

Though the overall atmosphere among world leaders looks to be positive, and world leaders really look determinant to start decisive action against climate change, we still have the feeling like things should move faster than they are moving now, because climate change problem doesn't leave us much time for different political maneuvers.

The main problem still looks to be the difference in opinion between developed and developing countries. On one side China and India have the opinion that the developed nations must make bigger cuts in emissions and help poor nations to fund a shift to greener growth and adapt to a warmer world while developed countries have an opinion that the carbon emissions of developing countries are growing so fast they must sign up for significant cuts in emissions to prevent dangerous levels of warming.

This difference in opinion may be a stumbling block but there is also a big public pressure that could hopefully be stronger than this difference in opinions, and could persuade world leaders to put aside their concerns about the global economic crisis and tackle the urgent threat of climate change as the absolute priority.

Even now there are many protesters demanding swift, decisive action. Just imagine what will happen if politicians continue their delay. Hopefully public pressure will be one of the keys that will lead to new climate deal.

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