Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sea level rise could reach catastrophic proportions

If global warming trend causes the West Antarctic Ice Sheet to collapse world will be in great trouble. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has estimated that a collapse of this ice sheet would raise sea levels around the world by about 16.5 feet, but the latest study carried out by the researchers from Oregon State University and the University of Toronto showed that sea increase level would be almost 21 feet in such places as Washington, D.C., with many coastal areas being completely devastated.

If global warming trend causes collapse of West Antarctic Ice Sheet sea level rise will have devastating effect worldwide.

Nobody doesn't know how fast could breakup of West Antarctic Ice Sheet happen, or will it melt completely or not. This may not happen for hundreds of years, but if global warming trend continues there are good chance this could happen even sooner than we expect it. Very high rates of coastal erosion, greater damage from major storm events, problems with ground water salinization, and some other issues would follow such huge level rise causing catastrophe in many parts of the world.

Since all the latest reports show that Antarctica is rapidly warming there is definitely a reason for concern. Sea level rise many not trouble our generation that much but future generations could be faced with the real catastrophe in form of water swallowing many cities around the globe.

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