Wednesday, January 7, 2009

China's greenhouse emissions will continue to rise

China recently overtook United States by becoming world's largest CO2 emitter, and it looks like China's greenhouse gas emissions will rise in years to come since China's government announced that plans to increase its coal production by about 30 percent by 2015 to meet its rising energy needs. This will of course give even more negative impact to already worrying global warming as the cheapest but also the dirtiest fuel coal will remain China's dominant energy source in years to come. Coal counts for about 70 % of China's energy needs, and its burning is the most responsible for China's excessive CO2 emissions.

China's coal production will rise in years to come giving even more negative impact to global warming

China talks a lot about necessity of turning to renewable energy sector, and its efforts to develop different renewable energies, but these "efforts" are almost invisible in reality. As long coal and other fossil fuels remain dominant energy sources in big countries world will not make the difference, and climate change problem will become more and more serious. It looks like world will have tough time fighting against the dominant fossil fuels, especially now with low oil prices, and current financial crisis. Green future might not be as green as we hope it would be.

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