Friday, December 5, 2008

Mexico set to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

High traffic with lots of vehicles and different factories have put Mexico to 14th place among world top greenhouse gas emitters. Mexican government seems determinant to significantly reduce its emissions by somewhere between 75 million and 110 million, which is about 15 % of its annual 650 millions tonnes a year of carbon dioxide.

Mexico has already set up some guidelines how to achieve this plan that include: conversion of traditional coal and fuel power plants into natural gas power plants, significant improvement in efficiency at the state-run oil company, and replacement of old diesel buses and trucks with cleaner vehicles.

This is so far only shot-term plan that should see first significant results in 2012 but Mexican government plans to act further and is set to unveil a detailed long-term plan for improvement energy efficiency in February; this efficient energy project should include expanded carbon trading programs that allow rich-nation polluters to fund emission reduction projects in developing countries.

Mexican government is already funding rural areas and has successful program to plant new trees to stop deforestation. Energy efficiency looks to be next step for Mexico. Hopefully a successful one.

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