Monday, December 8, 2008

Global warming - Not enough cash for poor countries?

Without financial aid from rich countries poor countries have no chance to adapt to global warming. Latest estimations about the money needed for poor countries to tackle global warming were somewhere about 130 billion dollars a year by 2030. However this scenario looks very unlikely, especially from current point of view.

UN Climate adaptation fund that should distribute financial aid to poor countries is desperately short of money that it may not be able to hold scheduled meetings for next year. Rich countries that are attending meeting in Poznan, Poland will have to give larger funds as soon as possible. If rich countries fail to make an agreement and give money to poor countries millions of people around the world will suffer.

The rich countries need to be aware that they were the ones that caused global warming with their excessive greenhouse gas emissions. Financial aid to poor countries is really a moral duty that we shouldn't even put in the question. Rich countries have made this climate change mess that threatens the survival of millions of people and they still have the nerve to delay with necessary funds.

Global warming is already here. We don't think anymore on how to stop global warming but how to adapt to global warming. Adaptation is of vital importance and poor countries don't have enough money to fight global warming by themselves. Without the help of rich countries poor countries would be extremely vulnerable once global warming starts showing its real face in form of more droughts and floods, falling food production and rising seas. Lives of millions of people are at stake.

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