Wednesday, October 22, 2008

China's emissions could more than double in two decades

China's greenhouse emissions are not slowing down, and according to the latest analysis China has even overtaken US as the world's leading greenhouse emitter. But what is even worrying is the new report issued by Chinese Academy of Sciences which states that China's greenhouse gas pollution could more than double in two decades.

Though China's government is (seemingly) working hard to find new energetic solutions that wouldn't mean current dependence on coal, and other fossil fuels, this is very unlikely to happen in years to come, because sudden turn to renewable energy sector would completely slow down China's economic boom, and economy is way ahead of ecology, not only in China but in other countries too.

But China and US are not only ones responsible for increase in greenhouse gases, there are other major emitters too, and developing countries are also becoming major threat as they work hard to achieve sudden economic success by focusing on the cheapest energy source - coal. However this cheap energetic solution has devastating effect on environment as coal is one of the "dirtiest" fuel responsible for both global warming and air pollution.

In order to decrease ratio of coal and other fossil fuels in total energy sector countries would have to invest billions of dollars into renewable energy sector, not only their but especially in the ones of developing countries that because of limited funds are only looking for cheap alternatives. All is connected on global level and burning coal in China has the same negative effect as burning coal in Kenya, of course countries like China and US do this more often than developing countries.

And the result of all of this? More impact to global warming and more ecological problems in years to come. And Kyoto protocol? Nothing but some letters written on the paper.

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