Thursday, October 16, 2008

Arctic temperatures at record highs

Tempearatures measured this autumn in Arctic are at record highs which shows the seriousness of global warming problem. Air tempearatures this autumn in Arctic were approximately 9 degrees Fahrenheit above normal, the highest ever measured, and this year's sea ice melt was second only to extremely warm 2007.

The Arctic ocean is becoming warmer, and also less salty because of sea melting which has negative effect on many ecosystems, pushing many species to the very edge of extinction. This report was compiled by 46 scientists from ten different countries after carefully studying atmosphere, sea ice, Greenland, ocean, biology and land in Arctic. What they find is a overall warming trend that is getting worse because very little has been done in the last few years to curb greenhouse gas emissions responsible for global warming.

Arctic autumn temperatures are at record highs

All is interconnected;rising temperatures are melting much more ice, therefore enabling more solar heating of the ocean. Warming of the air and ocean affects both land as well as marine ecosystems since it changes shape of their habitats primarily by reducing the amount of winter sea ice that can last into the following summer.

Arctic is very sensitive area, especially vulnerable to global warming which is what makes Arctic excellent indicator of current global warming condition. As we can see news are anything but good, but what is even worse is the fact that top emitting countries haven't done nothing to notably decrease their greenhouse gas emissions, on the contrary many of these countries are showing signs of increase in emissions instead of decrease. If this condition continues things will soon become much worse, not only in Arctic, but everywhere on our planet.

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