Monday, August 11, 2008

Alaskan tundra reacts fast to climate change

Tundras are areas where the tree growth is prevented by low temperatures and short growing seasons. Tundras as very specific areas have wildlife completely different than any other area and present habitats for many unique species. Especially beautiful and unique is Alaskan tundra. However, climate change is having very alarming effect on Alaskan tundra as global warming trend threatens different ecosystems that live there. The rate of warming is simply too fast for Alaskan wildlife to fully adapt as many species simply can not cope with the current rate of this new evolution caused by global warming phenomenon.

According to US biologist that were studying condition in Alaskan tundra "the changes are all happening faster than the models had predicted". This of course means that emission of greenhouse gases isn't decreasing although politicians talk a lot about efforts to reduce CO2 emissions. Condition is not only alarming for Alaskan tundra but for the whole Arctic itself, and some models imply that within the next 50 years Arctic ocean will no longer have any summer ice and Arctic would be ice free by the summer of year 2040.

Alaskan tundra - Beautiful piece of nature

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