Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Global warming needs immediate action

Global warming is one of the biggest problems in mankind history. And although in the beginning nobody really cared about this ecological problem things are beginning to change, and many countries have developed their action plans to fight against global warming. However majority of these action plans have one big flaw. The time component. If countries think that plans that include for instance cutting up carbon emission by 50 % till 2050 is enough then they are very wrong. You can ask any environmentalist or scientist and they will tell you that targets to cut down carbon emissions must be more immediate, with effects in the next decade, and not after 40 years or so. Without this crucial time component all our actions plans won't stop heating of our planet and global warming will only worsen.

But there is economy that is still more dominant force than the ecology. Industries of many modern countries are against such rapid slashing of carbon emissions saying that this would have devastating effects on economy. But governments and industries do not talk about how much climate change and global warming will be hurting economy once their effect increases. How many billions will they cost? How many species will become extinct, how many people will be dying because of hunger and different diseases?

Leaders of the G8 (Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia and the United States) agreed at their summit to cut carbon emissions by at least 50 percent by 2050. Year 2050. That is more than 40 years from now. A lot can happen in this 40 years. Too much if you ask me. Carbon emissions are increasing every year, and renewable energy sector is still very much nothing but utopia when viewed on the global level. Development of renewable energy technologies is too slow, and fossil fuels still lead the way in many countries, especially big countries like USA and China. Carbon dioxide and other harmful greenhouse gases are piling up in the atmosphere causing climate change in all corners of the world. And yet from some reason leaders of the G( think that we have luxury of 40 + years to cut carbon emissions by 50 %. Who are we kidding here? What do we need to wake up from this illusion that we have luxury of time on our side? Our time is running up. So where's the immediate action?

Global warming - Time is running up. What we need is an immediate action.

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