Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Choosing side in climate change debate

If you happen to follow climate change science more closely you'll be able to read about new climate change predictions at almost a daily level. The majority of these predictions or estimates, what ever you called them, refer to negative consequences of climate change, describing climate change as the biggest environmental threat of our time, the one that could seriously jeopardize our future wellbeing.

On the other side are climate change skeptics who believe that climate change is the biggest scientific hoax of our time. They claim that there is no reason to fear climate change and doubt currently dominant climate change science by claiming it is influenced by funding and different political factors.

To an average Joe it must seem very difficult to choose side but let's look at the logic behind it all. There have been far more studies confirming ongoing climate change impact than those that deny it.

True, none of these studies is 100% accurate in future predictions simply because climate change has many factors that make total predictability almost impossible, at least given our current scientific and technological level of knowledge.

Question to climate change skeptics - how to deny the correlation between the increase in greenhouse gas emissions and the global increase in temperatures? Just a coincidence or what?

Other similar questions - how to explain more frequent droughts, floods and extreme weather events without involving the climate change issue?

Is mainstream science really capable to pull out the global hoax of these massive proportions and what's the point of it? Would so many different scientists across the globe all be lying to us and scare us with catastrophic future climate change scenarios?

What side would you choose and why?

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